$11,000 Renee Custom Plectrum Banjo
Serial Number 05
This banjo is the 5th banjo built by Renee. It was designed for the owner. It is ornately inlayed and engraved. The neck is ebony with a mother of pearl fingerboard. It has a bell bronze tone ring. All metal parts are gold plated with slight wear. The tuners are Schellers and reproduction Oettinger tail piece. Soft pedal mechanism. The owners name is on the armrest. It come in a travellite cordura triangular case.

Gibson Florentine
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$1,300 Trujo Style B Plectrum Banjo circa 1930
This banjo is in good original condition. The metal work is in good condition except for a worn armrest. It has the original Trujo mute. The back of the neck has some worn spots and there is fret ware.

$4,500 Gibson Top Tension Plectrum Banjo Style 7 SN 7-9807-9
This banjo comes with the original pot assemble and a new curly maple plectrum neck made by Renee. It has original cast flange and flat head tone ring. It has V-2 tuners and a Goodrich 4 fingered BTL tailpiece. The back has a few scratches and the inside of the resonator has a couple of cut out spots where a pick-up was installed. Otherwise the banjo is in great condition.

$500 Iida Tenor Banjo made in Japan
Good original condition. It has a flat head tone ring and comes in a TKL tweed case.

$6,000 B&D Silverbell #4 Customized Tenor Banjo SN 23657
This banjo is an original Bacon and Day Tenor with upgraded ornamentation. The metal work is engraved and gold plated. The fingerboard in Mother of Pearl with engraving at the position marks. The peghead is bound and the pearl engraved. It has a carved heel, custom armrest and a bell bronze tone ring. The resonator has concentric circle of abalone and abalone stripping down the neck. The tuners are Schaller's with pearl buttons. All the work was done by Renee. The banjo is housed in its' original case which also has been restored.

$1,700 Epiphone Recording A Plectrum Banjo SN 7088
This banjo is in good playable condition. The neck is made of walnut and the resonator is veneered rosewood. The finish is original and has been sanded to give it a satin look. The exterior metal parts are a combination of gold and satin finished brass. The banjo has good frets and a new head. It does have all of its original parts. The tuners are Schallers.